Jessica_Pearl Hitmen Application

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Jessica_Pearl Hitmen Application

Post  JessicaPearl on Wed Oct 26, 2011 11:13 pm

In Character - Information

-=- Name:Jessica_Pearl

-=- Date of Birth:08/04/1988

-=- Gender:Female

-=- Telephone Number:2529

-=- Address:None

-=- Tell us something about your life:I was born in Las Venturas... in April 8th. My mom was a cook at the best restuarant in town.
My dad was a cop. I was born in a very rich family. I had 4 brothers... One day my dad got ambushed by some gang, that's how he died.
I was really sad, same where my brothers. We all moved to Los Santos that day. I was the youngest. I was only 18. My brothers were 20-25.
At the Airport we got lost in the crowd and lost mom. After some time I couldn't find my brothers, so I just went out of airport, looking for a job.
Alot of people offered me jobs, but I didn't like some of them. But one day ... I saw how a girl backstabbed my friend. In the Ganton Gym.
When she ran past me outside the door, her wallet was on the floor... I crouched down and opened it. There was some kind of a ... card.
It said .. Her name and everything, but the word I saw there was ''Hitman''. My face suddenly got confused as I took the wallet cause It got
some money in it. That's how I started wandering around the streets still looking for hope.

-=- Have you ever shot with a weapon??:Yes, alot of people try to mess around with me.

-=- If yes, rate your shooting on a scale to 10:7. I rate 10

-=- How long have you lived in San Andreas? Not long. As I said I just moved into the town before a few days ago.

-=- Have you done the Military??:Yes, my dad was a cop, he teached me some dodging moves and blocking hits and stuff.
I also learned how to shoot from him.

-=- Why Should Hitmen Agency recruit you in our organization??? Well, I know how to shoot a weapon, and since I am a girl I can kill those who deserve it. I can use
my cuteness to make them belive that I like them and stuff, after that... backstab, and it's over. (( Psst. I am also a very great roleplayer ))

Out Of Character - Information




Timezone: GMT +2


Extras : My Roleplay is Hardcore. Atleast thats how I rate it. I want to say that perhaps I could be the Leader or Co-Leader if we don't have one.
I'm just saying... Smile


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