Snow Andreas + Textures Snow Mods here!

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Snow Andreas + Textures Snow Mods here!

Post  Guest on Sun Oct 09, 2011 2:27 pm

Link: NR971K16

WORKS 100%

Installation: After you were done to download. Open the Folder of the SnowMod.rar.
After you opened it, click on SnowMod and then San Andreas Installer v1.1.exe.
Install it and borwse everything on your GTA Folder.
After you done with this installation, open Falling Snow.
And install SnowFX-Setup-v101.exe.
Browse everything on GTA Folder.

And done! you got the snow. To make the snow work, log on the game, and Press, CTRL+ (Num+)
Its the righten to 9 and 6, you will see +, so do this CTRL + this + I told you. And you got snow, if you wanna make the snow Harder press same thing again. And same thing to stop it.

The Textures I didn't find out how to install it. I will ask my friend how to do it, when I will find out I will upload it right here.

Made by: Gil Kobel.


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