Jordan's admin application

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Jordan's admin application

Post  Jordan_Hawks on Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:53 pm

IG Name:Jordan_Hawks

Why do you wanna be an Admin? ( 100 words minimum ): to serve the server as i have been doing these past days. i want to keep the server clean from vlrp spammers
and i want to keep this server the rank of pro rp server. i want to be able to destroy hackers and be able to take action on the abusers of commands and take action against people who think this is a dm server i want to keep the integrity of the server alive and teach the wrong doers a lesson they soon wont forget

Why shall I choose you to be one? ( 50 words minimum ):you can choose me if you wish but i hope you do choose me because i have a lot to offer to the well being of this server i have experience from over 5 years of rp and 3 years of admin experiance from over servers which will not be named.

Do you know scripting/mapping?:no i do not
If yes, whats your skills in it? good/very good/professional:

How much time do yo play in the server?: from when i wake up to around 6 am then after school all day

GMT:(UTC + 10:00)

How mutch time CAN you play on the server?:weekdays morning 3 hours. afternoon as much as i want
weekends 24/2 if im able to stay awake
Do you have expirience from another servers?:yes


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Re: Jordan's admin application

Post  Guest on Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:58 pm

Denied....Admin Team is full, maybe if you knew Scripting/Mapping you would be an Admin no matter what, but you don't know....


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