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Post  Guest on Thu Oct 13, 2011 12:15 am

Suggestion Title: Entrance creation

Tell about youre suggestion: Ok look this suggestion is about creating a new CMD calle /createentrance or /makehq what it does is the following:

Ex: you do /makeHQ INTERIORID NAMEOFHQ and it will create the entrance with a text on it saying the name of the HQ/Etrance

as im a gang moderator when i became one Gil did a CMD that i dont know how it called and it gave me Gang Moderator status there should be a CMD that makes the same but like giving HQ moderator status or that admins 1337 or more and Gang moderators can use the CMD im suggesting Very Happy thats all

Anything else?: as isaid that gang moderators can use it or 1337 admins more if you dont create the CMD where you can give HQ moderator status Very Happy


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