Crow's Admin Application

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Crow's Admin Application

Post  Crow_K on Fri Oct 14, 2011 6:13 pm

IG Name: Crow_Koizumi

Why do you wanna be an Admin? ( 100 words minimum ): I wanna make the server better and I want to teach those rulebreakers some lessons.. I also want this server to grow up with my administration. I wanna be admin here cause I want to help you guys from this activity.. I also want players to learn High-RP with my administration.

Why shall I choose you to be one? ( 50 words minimum ): You shall choose me 'cause I'm an experienced admin.. and I know what admin will do.. I also know how to make the server better, teach some rulebreakers a lesson by /jail, /ban, /kick or any kinds of punishment.. But I'm using a different script... so dont expect too much.

Do you know scripting/mapping?: Nope.
If yes, whats your skills in it? good/very good/professional:

How mutch time do yo play in the server?: I'm currently started.


How mutch time CAN you play on the server?: I usually play 20 hours during weekend.

Do you have expirience from another servers?: Yes.


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Re: Crow's Admin Application

Post  Guest on Fri Oct 14, 2011 6:42 pm

Administration Team of Design Pro Roleplay


Your application has been depended by the Administration Team of Design Pro Roleplay because of those reasons:

1. Lack of effort.
2. I think your too new but still have a chance.
3. You didn't put 100 and 50 words in the question.

Fix your mistakes, remember you got a chance, we could deny your application!

Administration Team of Design Roleplay
Head Server Owner Gil Kobel


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