Crow's Admin Application (FIXED)

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Crow's Admin Application (FIXED)

Post  Crow-K on Fri Oct 14, 2011 6:49 pm

IG Name: Crow_Koizumi

Why do you wanna be an Admin? ( 100 words minimum ): I wanna make the server better and I want to teach those rulebreakers some lessons.. I also want this server to grow up with my administration. I wanna be admin here cause I want to help you guys from this activity.. I also want players to learn High-RP with my administration. I would like to be admin because I really like playing on this server, I have fun with some administrators and with regular players. I would like to give a hand and keep the server clean from hackers and rulebreakers so we can all Role Play in peace without getting bothered by these people that want to "show off" how strong their are by using hacks,even though, without them, they are weak. I would like to be an admin because I think it's an important role and I would like to have a chance on being one.

Why shall I choose you to be one? ( 50 words minimum ): You shall choose me 'cause I'm an experienced admin.. and I know what admin will do.. I also know how to make the server better, teach some rulebreakers a lesson by /jail, /ban, /kick or any kinds of punishment.. But I'm using a different script... so dont expect too much. think you should choose me because I like playing on this server and for that, I play a lot of hours. Administrators are friendly and I would like to be like them. I would like to play peacefully without any rulebreaker or hackers going around bothering other players. I promise I wont abuse of my powers for personal use.

Do you know scripting/mapping?: Nope.
If yes, whats your skills in it? good/very good/professional:

How mutch time do yo play in the server?: I'm currently started.

GMT: GMT+8 (Philipiines)

How mutch time CAN you play on the server?: I usually play 20 hours during weekend.

Do you have expirience from another servers?: Yes.


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Re: Crow's Admin Application (FIXED)

Post  Guest on Fri Oct 14, 2011 7:01 pm

Administration Team of Design Pro Roleplay

Your application has been DENIED by the reasons:

1. Copy and Paste from other applications.
2. Expirienced Admin do not behave like this.
3. Apply again in one day.

Administration Team of Design Pro Roleplay
Head Server Owner Gil Kobel


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