Applying for Administrator

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Applying for Administrator

Post  Mido_Potter on Sat Oct 15, 2011 3:05 am

Why do you wanna be an Admin? ( 100 words minimum ):
Because i am a good RPer i want to fell like controling and most important because i love Design RP and it is a nice server
Why shall I choose you to be one? ( 50 words minimum ):
Because 1st i am a Good RPer 2nd I have ideas that can fill server as NG RP and 3rd I never MG never DM i learnt and trained not to RT 4th Because i was an admin here and i was professional and i am now head helper
Do you know scripting/mapping?:No i heared about it but i can't under stand it
If yes, whats your skills in it? good/very good/professional:

How mutch time do yo play in the server?:
8 hours a day

How mutch time CAN you play on the server?:
8 hours a day
Do you have expirience from another servers?:Yes,i have experiences i am LSPD rank 3 in a server and a senior helper in another server and i am now a Platinum VIP in a server


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Re: Applying for Administrator

Post  Guest on Sat Oct 15, 2011 3:13 am

Administration Team of Design Pro Roleplay

Your application has been DENIED by the reasons:

1. Lack of effort.
2. Admin Applications and Helper Applications are closed.

Administration Team of Design Pro Roleplay
Head Server Owner Gil Kobel


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