The Taxionè Brothers

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The Taxionè Brothers

Post  Koert on Sat Oct 15, 2011 11:00 pm

IG name:

Leader name:
Da' Godbrotha' Corné

Logo of the Gang/Mafia (Screenshot):

The Gang/Mafia Story (200 words MINIMUM!):
It was a normal friday like always, the time was 12:52pm.
Corné was workless and walked somewhere in Flint County, all he had was $82.261.
Suddenly he saw something rusty in the forests, he ranned to it and saw that it was an very old Stafford.
Inside he saw none, so he looked around but there was none in the area.
He looked again inside and saw the keys we're inside.
He stepped inside and attempted to start the engine, the engine failed a couple of times but started after a while. Cornè checked the dashboard before he drove away and saw a Desert Eagle. Corné worked with guns a few years ago so he toke the gun and checked the ammoclip. The gun had 7 bullets left.
Corné drove to Los Santos, with the last cash he got he wanted to pimp up his engine, carcolor and tune the car. After the repair and tune Corné had $52.617 left.
Corné drove around and saw a few damaged empty houses in Los Santos.
He decided to park his car there and live there aslong he we're able.
The next day he started to do his first job. He drove to Los Santos Airport and parked his Stafford at the side of the road. After a while a person came and asked for a ride to Los Santos Bank. The person entered the Stafford and Corné drove in HIGH SPEED (110 km/h) to Los Santos Bank.
A few cops noticed his speed and followed him, but Corné toke a few sideways and lost them. After a while he found other professional drivers and The Taxioné Brothers started to grow.
Every day The Taxioné Brothers are driving more then 270 passengers, every day they have 170 chases.
And every day they earn around $13,500 and every day all amounts are growing...



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