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Request from Mads for the next update

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Request from Mads for the next update Empty Request from Mads for the next update

Post  Guest Tue Oct 18, 2011 3:06 pm

IG Name: Gil Kobel.

What am I requesting?: I am requesting that the faction called DHS will be renamed to NOOSE, which is National Office Of Security Enforcement by the reason we already RPing its called like this and we really want it to be called.
Maybe, if a mapper read can map us a HQ that will have:

Torture Chamber - Inside this room I want to have a chair in the middle of it. And at the end of the room I want some dead body of some man, if its possible to do. I know its possible but if you know how. Anyways, I want Mechine-Guns on the top of the walls, two Mechine-Guns. In the chair part, I need that the one who sitting on it will look toward another room, that is glass mirror and than he will see the members of NOOSE in the next room by look through the glass mirror. In the next room I need some weapons and computer.

Planning Room - A room that inside it I need a blackboard and some electronic-map with radar of San Andreas in the middle of the room.

Garage - In the garage in need FBI cars and Regular Vans and few Sultans and Regular Rangers that all of them in color ID 0 and after it ID 3 (( Black - Red )).

Duty Room - Simple room with lockers to /duty there and take weapons, armor, health, suit of swat or undercover, when we press on undercover we will put a number of skin and it will set our skin.
In weapon, m4, mp5, deagle, combat shotgun, shotgun, ak-47, grenades, make them in free cost.
At armor and health, we press on it and it will auto restore our health to 100.

Thanks you that all I need, if it will be able to be scripted and mapped.


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Request from Mads for the next update Empty Re: Request from Mads for the next update

Post  Francis_Boyle Tue Oct 18, 2011 7:40 pm

I'm sorry, I'm not capable of doing it Sad I'm not that good....I'm really sorry


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