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Dusan Application

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Dusan Application Empty Dusan Application

Post  Dusan Wed Oct 19, 2011 1:52 am


Youre IG firstname: Dusan

Youre IG lastname: Tru

You have some experience with Roleplay?: Yea i have.

Life biography (Max 150 words): Dusan was born in Sicily Italy in 1990. His parents worked for a secret organization, and always came home with something new. He never questioned his parents work until he was 11 years old. His parents told him they were in the Cosa Nostra. He worked on their farm until he was 16, and his parents got in an accident. A plane crash killed them, his father was the pilot. Dusan was very upset, and moved to San Fierro. He didn't know what to do, and could not speak english very well. He rented an apartment and bought a majestic, and went to work as a mechanic every day. He was one of the best mechanics in town, and eventually earned enough money to buy a sultan. This was the cars of his dreams, but he had an urge for more. He remembered his father, and how fun it was when he took him out to fly. He ate at a bistro located in downtown Fierro, and usually had Cannoli's, pasta's, bruccellati's, cassata's, and more wonderful dishes. He took on being a cook at the bistro part time, but eventually got fired due to overcooking a meal. The head chef was very strict, and Dusan was very upset. He turned into a Crossdresser who gave people blow jobs in the street, and disguesting things like that for money. He earned enough for rent, but not much more. He remembered his parents, and how they made a living. He saw Italian looking people at the train station, and decided to talk to them. Since he knew Italian, they responded to them and talked to them. He joined the Italian Mafia in San Fierro. He transported goods from place to place, and made people pay money they owed. He respected the godfather as much as anyone he knew, and did anything he asked. He decided to take a break from the Mafia, and try something new. He flew to Liberty City, and worked on building the cargo ship containers. It was a hard and backbreaking job, and he injured his back. He had to stay at the Liberty City hospital for weeks, and had to eat through a tube. He decided that things like this were bad for him, and thought about being a pilot. He applied for a job as one at Liberty City Airport, but got denied. He had no school background, and not enough money to go to college. He moved all the way to Michigan, to find a college that would accept him. He went to a public high school, and graduated with a 3.6 gpa. He went into college, and got a Bachelor's degree in General Science. He worked many years, and finally got a master's in aviation. He flew rental planes around, and could never afford one. He decided to move to Las Venturas in search of a new profession. He researched many jobs, and a job site referred him to be a news broadcaster. He didn't know where to start, so he flew to Liberty City in search of a career. He met a man named Donald Love, and after weeks of waiting, got an interview with him. He said a few lines into a mic, and got a standing ovation from the camera men. Donald talked to him in private, and told him to sign up for the LV-BN, LoveMedia's division of Broadcasting. Before he moved, he became an assisant to Lazlow's Latenight Show. It was a huge hit, and people praised it from all over Liberty City. After the explosion of a major cargo ship, much of the city moved to Staunton Island. Dusan decided that he should not go through the hassle, and he decided that Los Santos would be a better place to move. He packed up his belongings, and took a freight train to Los Santos Ports. He called for a taxi, but none came. He had to walk home in the gang infested streets, and almost got mugged on the way. Luckily, he found a few apartments near Ganton Los Santos. He rented one, and worked for the LS Times. He covered the Riot's, the gang violence, smog alerts, and latest and greatest music. He didn't earn much, but earned a few thousand dollars in his savings. On a Tuesday Night, on his hour run in the morning, three men wearing green jumped him. He lost his wallet, his keys, and happiness. They robbed his house, killed his dog, and threatened to kill him. He had no choice but to move to Las Venturas. He got in his sultan, packed his suitcases, typewriter, and cell phone. He called about housing in Venturas, and he bought a small loft in southern Venturas. Many days a week, fights broke out near his house, and drunk people peed on his door. He tried to find a more quiet house, and moved near a man named Kix Ali. They became friends, and Dusan Wrecked Kix' Car. They got into an argument, but they got over it. Dusan Started to question his sexuality, and didn't know what to do. Kix was no help, so Dusan went back to giving blow jobs on the street. A man robbed him for doing this, and he had to change his appearance to save himself.

Gender : Male

Date of birth: 12/2/1990

Place of birth: Los Santos

Why you want join Los Santos Police Department?:
I will make sure that people are behaving correctly and that people are not being treated unfairly. I will also be very nice with people but if needed and I will follow procedure to make sure the place is safe.


Real name: Dusan

Timezone: +2 GMT

How old are you?: 16

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 08/03/1995

Anything else?: Nope Smile



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Dusan Application Empty Re: Dusan Application

Post  Melisa Wed Oct 19, 2011 1:54 am

Good application, not very imaginative story though. Anyway welcome to the team.

-Melisa Kelly
Head Admin
LSPD Chief


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