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Sammy_Cortino - LSPD Application

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Sammy_Cortino - LSPD Application Empty Sammy_Cortino - LSPD Application

Post  Sammy Cortino Thu Oct 20, 2011 11:17 pm

Firstname: Sammy

Lastname: Cortino

Phone number: 1564

Education: Criminal & Justice

Current employment: N/A

Driving license: Yes [X] No [ ]

Life biography (Min 150 words):My name is Samuel Cortino, I was born in Little Italy on June 17, 1970 to a loving hard working mother and father, my father has a trucking job and my loving mother is a nurse in Little Italy, ever since I was a little boy, I always played Cop's and Robber's with my friend's and family and my favourite game is Private Investigator, I always use to pick up clue's and solve mystery with my family.My father always worked alot of day's so I haven't been spending alot of time with him, he took me to his job because he wanted to show me how he felt to be a trucker, I nodded my head in a please manner and I took a look around.
In the late 1980's, I was Fifteen year's old and I was on the street with my uncle, me and my uncle saw bunch of police officer's doing traffic patrol and routine control, I saw how he they did it and my uncle told me he was a police officer, I nodded my head at my uncle and we heard some gun shot's and me and my uncle ducked to the ground because we didn't know what was happening, The police responded to the shot's fired and a hour later, my uncle got a call that his son got shot in the chest and didn't survive.
In the late 1990's, I sailed off to college and studied about Law Enforcement and Crime Forensic so I studied about being a police officer and how to act being a law enforcement officer, then I got out of college because the Las Ventures Police Department wanted me in their department, I surely accepted it and I went to the academy and learned everything I needed to know, my commander trained me and I was patrolling with my partner Hans Stormae, their were so many robbery's in Las Ventures I couldn't even count how much their were.I worked in Central Patrol Unit for 6 year's then I moved back to Little Italy to see how my family were doing, I brought my mother and father a house somewhere away from the violence and that was when I got transferred to Little Italy Police Department, I worked there for 2-3 year's and I moved down to Los Santos and started living my life.I met some officer's of the law and I saved a guy life and his name was Deputy Green.

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 6/17/1970

Place of birth: Little Italy

Why you want join Los Santos Police Department?:I wish to become a police officer because when i was a little boy i always wished to be a doctor but they rejected my application for it so i went back to college and went to crime & justices college for law enforcement i enrolled in there July 20,2011 to august 2 and i saw that there were application's out so i wanted to apply and i hope i get accepted.My uncle is the captain of the los santos police department and i went to the academy i spent 3 months in the academy and i got accepted for academy #34 and got hired as a police officer.It was hard working as a police officer it took days.I can take chances because i am strong and i am never going to give up without a fight, i will do anything in my power to make san andreas police department proud of me.

Officers are expected to work “24/7”. Even in off-
hours, they’re expected to continue to do their job. From patrolling the streets to enforcing traffic laws, a police officer’s job is one of the most important in every community: to keep the streets safe and protect citizens from harm. An officer should enforce rules, yet maintain compassion for others. Honesty, sound judgment, and a desire to serve your community are vital.

I have served in the military in 2000 my drill sergeant trained and make sure i was ready for anything i apply for he made sure i didn't give up on life and became a success. I loved being in the military because my sergeant made sure he trained me well and never made me a wimp so he encouraged me for applying for the force.I am applying for LVPD because i believe i can become a police officer of the LVPD.I don't have no problem working all day i just worry about the justice. I also obtained my criminal justice degree under a rigid and extensive program from NYU. I have put in hours of time on the streets for years, humping calls on the street. Not only is my law enforcement knowledge wide-ranging, but my street and real-world knowledge is as well. I have numerous skills that would aid me in a detective’s line of work. I have confidence, and I am an excellent speaker, giving me the ability to peruse people to speak with me. I think outside of the box, and have keen powers of observation. I am also acquainted with security work, such as, camera and sound equipment.


Real name: Michael

Timezone: USA & Canada

How old are you?: 13

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 6/17/1998

Anything else?: Nope

Sammy Cortino

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Sammy_Cortino - LSPD Application Empty Re: Sammy_Cortino - LSPD Application

Post  Jordan_Hawks Fri Oct 21, 2011 5:27 pm

your story confused me . i couldnt stay interested in it but it seems legit but dont know who u are talking about knowing in lspd. as chief i say it depends on my co chief aswell but i say MAYBE


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Sammy_Cortino - LSPD Application Empty Re: Sammy_Cortino - LSPD Application

Post  Guest Fri Oct 21, 2011 7:09 pm

I would just accept him, he was done the application better than I thought.


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Sammy_Cortino - LSPD Application Empty Re: Sammy_Cortino - LSPD Application

Post  Jordan_Hawks Sat Oct 22, 2011 7:45 am

ok i was waiting for my co chiefs decision but he did it good just maybe make it more interesting hahaha
you are ACCEPTED
contact me or mike ingame when you are on to recieve your rank.


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Sammy_Cortino - LSPD Application Empty Re: Sammy_Cortino - LSPD Application

Post  Blast3r Sun Oct 23, 2011 1:28 am

((Woah, this is the best app I ever seen at SAMP LSPD apps...))


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Sammy_Cortino - LSPD Application Empty Re: Sammy_Cortino - LSPD Application

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