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Helper Application {Micheal}

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Helper Application {Micheal} Empty Helper Application {Micheal}

Post  Micheal Thu Nov 03, 2011 5:20 am

IG name: Micheal_Santos

Why do you wanna be a Helper? ( 100 words minimum ):]
Now, I help always peoples and i am active so i was thinking why not.
I do not know how to write 100 words for real.
Now i am Ryan Santosr i am 12 years old (REAL)
I play now 50 days on the server and i like it , I am helping always guys in /new
This is the best i could do [im in sped so cut me some slack lol]

Why shall I choose you to be one? (50 words minimum):
You should chose me to become one because i ran my own 32 slot from serverffs bad hosting server company and i had around daily like e5-30 players daily and i was a good owner of course and such i was always helping on the server design pro rp with /new.

Thanks for reading and yeah

Do you have expirience from another servers?


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