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National Office Of Security Enforcement Rules!

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National Office Of Security Enforcement Rules! Empty National Office Of Security Enforcement Rules!

Post  Guest Sun Oct 09, 2011 2:32 pm

National Office Of Security Enforcement Rules

1. Don't break any server rules like MG, PG, Non-rp, RT and shit like this.
2. Show respect to higher ranks.
3. Always but always follow orders and don't do what you want.
4. Don't shoot civillians unless they shoot you or you got permission to shoot.
5. Whenever, I don't care what is your rank, always ask permissoin from ME to Take off or Land with Helicopter, whenever you taking off or landing after permission do /r or /d "I am (Your Nickname) (Landing or Taking off)
6. Whenever your on a pursuit, and you got partner, he must report about his location, what he is after, colors, IC's ( Girl or Boy, race) and keep telling location.
7. Use always the NOOSE Codes.
8. Don't ever give orders to higher ranks than you.
9. If you wanna get some heavy weapon, ask permission from ME, unless your rank is 3 plus, then you can take whatever you want and when you want without permissoin.
10. Try don't make mistakes and get strikes, in 3 strikes you will get suspention for 2 days away from NOOSE faction and then get invited back, next time you get 3 strikes again, you will be kicked from NOOSE until the Recuitment is open again, after this if you will be kicked again it will be forever and you won't be able to get in NOOSE faction again.

11. Do not ever ever ever ever ever! rob the bank, not on-duty and not off-duty, if I will hear you did a crime, you will be kicked out of NOOSE until the recuitment will be opened, as you see at rule 10, next one you will do bad thing again, you will perm.kick.

Made by: Gil Kobel.


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