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Francis_Boyle LSPD application

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Francis_Boyle LSPD application Empty Francis_Boyle LSPD application

Post  Francis_Boyle Thu Oct 13, 2011 1:14 am

Youre IG firstname: Francis

Youre IG lastname: Boyle

You have some experience with Roleplay?: Yes. On a scale 1/10 I would give my self an 8

Life biography (Max 150 words): I was born in San Fierro 2 November 1987. My father was Captain in SFPD and my mother was always at home hoping that my dad would come back safe from work.I did elementary school in San Fierro. I did high school there too and while I was therel, my dad got into a gunfight between gans where he was trying to keep safe a kid,the kid remained with no wounds,but my dad received a few shots in the back, and he didn't make it.... After his death, my mother remained depressed for a long time, until they sent me to my aunt in Las Venturas, where I did 2 years of Military school. At the end of those 2 years, we moved to Los santos where I did 4 years of law university and got PHD in it.

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 2/11/1987

Place of birth: San Fierro

Why you want join Los Santos Police Department?: I always was attracted to the law and keeping cities safe. After my dad died, I decided to apply for Los Santos Police Department, to continue this job as a "tradition" and to keep the memory of him always with me. I consider my self a good shooter and an average driver. I really would like to have a chance to keep the street safe so our kids can enjoy playing around with no fear to be involved in a gunfight.


Real name: Nicolas

Timezone: GMT+1

How old are you?: 15

Gender: Male

Date of birth: 2/11/1995

Anything else?: I play SA:MP for nearly 3 years now, I play about 2+ hours a day ( depends on how much homework I have ). I live in Italy and I'm really sorry if my English writing is bad.


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Francis_Boyle LSPD application Empty Re: Francis_Boyle LSPD application

Post  Guest Thu Oct 13, 2011 2:30 am

Well done, you have passed!

Please contact me IG to discuss this further.
Melisa Kelly
Head Admin
LSPD Chief


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