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Hud mod (( The gun's hud ))

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Hud mod (( The gun's hud )) Empty Hud mod (( The gun's hud ))

Post  Guest Tue Oct 18, 2011 10:42 pm

IG name: Gil Kobel.

Mods links: You need contact me in skype, gilkobel1, and say in the text you from my server.

How to install it?: When I send you the file, just copy it into your: GTA SA folder -> Models, that all copy it into the Models.

Give a short depresion: While you shooting you got the hud of the point in the player you want to shoot. So this hud will change into beutiful hud of what you gonna see in the pictures.
The hud look like this: [<O>] <------ something like this....when you shoot with it you'll see it better IG.

Hud mod (( The gun's hud )) 1692kg6

Hud mod (( The gun's hud )) 2z6vwq1


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